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Anti-Hero Cardiel Burro Deck - 8.62"

Anti-Hero Cardiel Burro Deck - 8.62"

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From parks to pools, keep your setup versatile with Anti-Hero's Cardiel Burro 8.62" skateboard deck. The deck's sturdy 7-ply construction amplifies its resistance to wear and tear, while the mild, pitched ends and mellow concave make it an excellent choice for slow-rollers and cruising aficionados. Graphics of a screeching, donkey-eared eagle adorn the board's bottom ply, accompanied by the iconic Anti-Hero logo, lending the deck a splash of bold, classic branding.

Product Details:

  • Cardiel Burro 8.62" Skateboard Deck from Anti-Hero.
  • Signature John Cardiel pro model deck.
  • 7-ply maple construction.
  • Mellow concave with pointed nose and square kick tail.
  • Width: 8.62".
  • Length: 32.5".
  • Wheelbase: 14.5".