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Creature Logo Outline Deck - 8.0"

Creature Logo Outline Deck - 8.0"

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These logo decks affectionately dubbed 'Stumps' focus on offering shorter wheelbases on a variety of standard widths giving these decks comfortable footing with tons of agility. Perfect for the ATV riders out there looking to destroy everything! No Dimensions shall go unexplored! Hail sacred geometry, hail Creature!

7 ply North American Maple pressed individually using epoxy making a strong, responsive deck with long lasting pop and consistent concave and kick.

Deck ConcaveMedium
Deck Construction7-ply
Deck Length (Inches)31.50
Deck Noselength (Inches)6.7
Deck Taillength (Inches)6.5
Deck Wheelbase (Inches)14.1
Deck Width (Inches)8.00